In a recent online interview, John Spencer Ellis, EdD, MBA, founder of the Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif-based John Spencer Ellis Enterprises (pictured right), interviews corrective exercise expert Anthony Carey, MA, CSCS, CES, CEO, and founder of Function First, San Diego, Calif, regarding the fundamental similarities and differences between therapeutic exercise, corrective exercise, and post-rehabilitative exercise. 

During the interview, conducted via Ellis’ video blog, Carey breaks down the science behind therapeutic exercise, centered on a program aimed at rehabilitating a particular injury, corrective exercise, which seeks to identify incorrect patterns of movement, and post-rehabilitative, which focus on long-term treatment for holistic health. 

The online interview also spotlights misconceptions and misinformation about corrective exercise. Understanding these exercises in addition to other passive health modalities is key for fitness professionals who want to heal from an injury, improve performance, or train for an event, the interview adds.

Ellis reiterates this sentiment, “Whether you have an injury or are a personal trainer working with clients with injuries, understanding corrective exercises can make a big difference in your long-term health and productivity,” Ellis says.

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Source: John Spencer Ellis Enterprises