New and far-reaching changes are impacting the American health care system and reshaping developments in provider-based status. Cherilyn Murer, JD, CRA, addresses these changes and outlines the “rules of engagement” for provider-based status, their application in the current diverse health care landscape, and highlights commonly held beliefs about provider-based status that no longer correspond to the current regulatory environment in a new online exclusive titled “The Resurgence of Interest in Provider-Based Status.”

Murer shares key discussion points in this exclusive, including a definition of provider-based status, its underlying regulatory restrictions, and results from a recent Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) study which suggest physician services are increasingly shifting from free-standing physician offices to hospital-based outpatient departments. Murer also spotlights the potential of provider-based status to align physicians and hospitals in the provision of a unified health care delivery system.

Additional facets of provider-based status addressed in the online exclusive include its latent ability to increase coordination by unifying financial, administrative, and clinical processes, and comparisons drawn between its benefits and costs for most providers. 

Look for Murer’s article here.

Murer is the co-founder of the Murer Group, a legal management-consulting firm in Joilet, Ill, specializing in strategic analysis and business development.