Kids Included Together (KIT) announces a national partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), with the goal of increasing the opportunities to include children with disabilities and other complex needs.

As part of the partnership, KIT is offering coaching and support to staff members at 4,300 local Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide, to educate them about disabilities and show them how to make accommodations so that children with disabilities could be included in everyday activities alongside their peers.

“Children with disabilities are among the world’s most stigmatized and excluded group,” says Torrie Dunlap, CEO of Kids Included Together, in a media release.  “Every year, kids with disabilities ranging from autism to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other complex needs, as well as those with physical disabilities, continue to be excluded from schools and their communities because of a lack of understanding and unfounded fears.”

“Our aim is to teach organizations how they can include these children with differing abilities in general activities instead of marginalizing or segregating them,” she adds.

During the month of October, KIT will host an exclusive webinar series tailored specifically for the BGCA. These sessions will include in-person and online training, and call-in coaching.

Webinar topics will include: how to provide a safe, positive environment and access to fun activities; a sense of belonging; supportive relationships, and meaningful opportunities and expectations.  The sessions will also stress the importance of formal and informal recognition of the children’s strengths and accomplishments.

“Our organization teaches others how to make stronger, richer communities that reflect the diversity of our world,” Dunlap notes.  “Instead of having these children conform to our world, we need to listen to the messages they have to give to us.”

[Source(s): Kids Included Together, PR Newswire]