Writings on the Wall: Inspirational Poems & Quotes, the latest book of inspirational poems & quotes from disability advocate Robert W. Hensel, is now available.

Born with spinal bifida, Hensel has spent his life in a wheelchair. However, he has emerged as something of a celebrity among the disabled population, listing world record holder and torch bearer for the 2006 Asian Games among his achievements.

“People with disabilities can achieve anything they want to; we just have to go about it a little differently than our able-bodied friends. We truly know what hope and opportunity means, which is why I’ve spent so many years perfecting my writing with a bold vehicle to change lives through the simple construction of words,” he writes in the book, according to a media release.

His aim through his life and his writings is to inspire hope and peace, he shares in the book.

[Source: Piece of Cake PR]