Paul Drew, a clinical doctor of physical therapy and kinesiologist who specializes in helping clients obtain perfect posture, has penned Red Carpet Posture, which aims to help reverse a trend of bad posture while helping people—especially women and girls—understand that better posture can be empowering and a confidence-builder, he says.

Drew’s concept for the self-published book arose from observing celebrities on the red carpet who exhibited poor posture, and the young teens and adults who often emulate the bad example.

Eight of Drew’s female clients appear in the book as models for perfect posture, including Jeanie Buss, executive VP of business operation for the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team; ex-pro figure skater turned Pilates teacher Ilana Turner; and children’s author Donna Raimondi.  

RCP Wear, a posture-enhancing line of shape wear worn under clothing or as active wear, due in fall 2009, is an offshoot. The collection is being created in conjunction with designer Vincent Libretti of Project Runway fame. The line includes tops, which can be worn under clothing. The garments pull the wing zone down and back, reminding the wearer to stand tall and straight, while also encouraging the wearer to pull the stomach up and into the spine, which results in a thinner look, Drew says. 

[Source: Heather Burgett/The Burgett Group]