Michael H. Dempsey, former president of wheelchair manufacturing company Küschall of America, passed away on Wednesday, April 29, in Columbus, Ohio, at the age of 52.

During his career at Küschall of America, Dempsey was involved in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of ultra light wheelchairs. Following the sale of Küschall, Dempsey served as a medical industry consultant, and assumed the position of director of Greif Inc, a Delaware-based industrial packager.

A noted table tennis champion, Dempsey began his 30-year involvement as a Paralympic in the National Wheelchair Games, garnering 30 gold medals during that period. In 2000, he was selected by the 17 US Delegation team captains as the flag bearer for the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Culminating his lengthy sports career, Dempsey also was inducted into the National Wheelchair Athletic Association Hall of Fame, as Male Athlete of the Year, the Ohio Wheelchair Athletic Association, and the California Hall of Fame.

Dempsey, who resided in San Diego, Calif, is survived by his wife, Shannon Kirk Dempsey, and his son, Henry Coyle Dempsey, four sisters, and extended family and friends.