In a new infographic, the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Rockville, Md, emphasizes that the onslaught of fall sports season requires vigilance from parents in watching for concussion symptoms and monitoring their children’s’ school performance. The organization notes in a news release that children and teens who have sustained a TBI may face challenges in speech, language, and thinking, which can impact the ability to read or memorize. 

TBI may also lead to issues in focusing on tasks and homework or difficulties focusing during class time. ASHA encourages individuals to leverage the skills of the school district speech-language-pathologist (SLP) and SLPs’ ability to work with teachers in order to help children transition when returning to school following a TBI. The organization adds that access to school-based SLPs may prove beneficial, as the full impact of a brain injury may not be evident until months or perhaps years later.

ASHA encourages concussion awareness among parents, teachers, and coaches, adding that teachers should be notified if the child sustains a mild bump to the head in order to allow them to watch for TBI symptoms in class.

According to ASHA, many cases of TBI go unrecognized or unreported. To learn more about how TBI impacts school performance, click here.

Source: ASHA