The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Alexandria, Va, endorses the Novice Speed Bag (4-pound version), a patented handheld strength training device produced by The Burn Machine LLC, Redford, Mich.   

The device is used to develop strengthening and endurance in the shoulders and upper extremities.

Suitable for a variety of workout applications–from advanced athletic training to injury rehabilitation–it features 360-degree rotating grips that mimic the motion of an upper-body ergonometer. The device is wheelchair-friendly and may be used from any position such as sitting, standing, or reclining.

"The portability and adaptability of the Speed Bag makes it a great addition to a physical therapy facility," said APTA President R. Scott Ward, PT, PhD. "APTA members should find the Speed Bag to be an inexpensive, comparable alternative to the upper-body ergonometer machines."

The device comes with an exercise reference DVD and an exercise demonstration poster.

Photo courtesy of The Burn Machine.

[Source: APTA]