This is How We Roll,” a 10-episode documentary series following the University of Alabama’s men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball teams, is available for video streaming on Amazon in the US, UK, and Canada.

New 30-minute episodes have been released every week since January 13. They are available both as an Amazon Prime membership option and free with ads.

A $3,000 Kessler Foundation grant to Power 10 Films helped enable the launch, according to a media release.

“Through this funding, Kessler Foundation is helping to raise awareness of the role that adaptive sports play in improving health and wellness in individuals with disabilities,” explains Rodger DeRose, president and CEO of Kessler Foundation, in the release.

“Having a range of adaptive equipment and inclusive programs, designed to accommodate various physical challenges, can open up worlds of possibility for students with disabilities. We are happy to support a group of inspirational student athletes who are removing barriers in disability sport and making the activity more accessible for all,” he adds.

Additional funding for the series was received in 2015 via a Kickstarter campaign.

The series follows the student athletes as they train and compete against various college and city teams across the United States. It documents both the demands of academia and the highs and lows of the collegiate wheelchair basketball season among the team members. The series culminates at the 2015 National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, where the women’s wheelchair basketball team wins their 4th National Championship with a 58-52 score over the University of Illinois, per the release.

“Having worked on the series for a couple years now, it is great to have Kessler Foundation step in to assist with its official release,” remarks Daniel Koenig, founder of Power 10 Films. “Kessler Foundation’s support has allowed us to release the series on time and for free on various international channels. We hope the series will capture what it really means to be a college wheelchair basketball player, and that athletes from all over will find the series as something they can relate to and be proud of.”

The University of Alabama’s men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball teams are sponsored by Alabama Adapted Athletics. Alabama Adapted Athletics also sponsors competitive college sports in men’s and women’s wheelchair tennis, adapted rowing, and wheelchair track.

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