Vidatak LLC proudly announces the addition of Sharecare Windows‘ relaxation and meditation videos to VidaTalk, an enterprise bedside application. Hand-picked by the Window’s Executive team to complement VidaTalk’s latest addition of music therapy, this new content expands its robust offering to healthcare facilities worldwide.

“Video and audio therapy have proven to provide extensive benefits to patients in healthcare settings,” Vidatak’s founder Dr. Lance Patak, explains. “We’re thrilled to make Sharecare Windows’ content even more accessible to patients worldwide.”

Nursing, patient experience, pastoral and other clinical staff have come to rely on Sharecare Windows as part of their day-to-day efforts to provide a restful and healing environment. With an innovative approach to help alleviate emotional distress and anxiety of illness, recovery, and health management, Sharecare Windows has shown to be a strong value-add for point-of-care patient solutions across the continuum.

VidaTalk is a first-in-kind enterprise app helping patients and their caregivers overcome speech and language barriers through automated and live interpreter services. The app also offers a robust suite of restorative content for patients, a continuation of Vidatak’s mission to minimize health disparities across all populations, regardless of any speech or language barriers.

“VidaTalk makes equitable care easy and accessible for everyone. Sharecare Windows is the perfect content solution to advance Vidatak’s mission,” Patak explains. “Patients now get to experience equitable care paired with restorative, healing music and relaxation videos, all in one single accessible platform.”

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