January 22, 2008

A news release from Gelita AG, Eberbach, Germany, reports a clinical study presented at the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) congress shows the administration of collagen hydrolysate reduces joint symptoms brought about by mechanical stress. The report stated significant improvement was demonstrated in the case of the knee, the joint most frequently affected by pain.

In the study, carried out at the Faculty for Nutrition and Sports Nutrition in conjunction with the Faculty for Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at Penn State  University, 147 students were treated. All the participants of the study suffered from joint symptoms caused by sporting activity such as stress conditions, injury, post-surgical trauma, limited mobility and inflammation.

The study was prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled and double-blind. The  effects brought about by the administration of a daily dose of 10 grams of collagen  hydrolysate over a period of 24 weeks on a number of joints were observed. The hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist and elbow joints as well as neck and back of the  participants, otherwise healthy and active in sports, were investigated. At the  beginning of the study and subsequently every 6 weeks, changes in various pain  parameters were objectively observed by a physician and subjectively by the  participants with the help of a visual analog pain scale. These were then defined as  primary parameters.

Knee benefits particularly
One result of the study was that participants with knee pain in particular benefited  from the administration of collagen hydrolysate. 65% of the students in the study  suffered from symptoms of the knee resulting from sports activity; these were included in a sub-population of 96 students and subjected to a subgroup-analysis. In this group, the pain experienced in walking, standing, at rest, running straight and  running with change in direction was compared to the placebo group. The collagen hydrolysate group produced significantly better results. In addition, it was observed that, subsequent to completion of the study, the specific sub-group showed greater differences on average on the analog pain scale. This indicated a pronounced reduction in pain brought about by collagen hydrolysate compared with the other joints investigated.

In general, with respect to the primary parameters, all joints in the collagen  hydrolysate group showed positive results: the subjective factor of pain on walking,  standing, carrying objects and standing up was reduced significantly. The objective  parameters of pain at rest and joint mobility as documented by the physician were  also shown to improve significantly and represented a statistically positive trend.

Concomitant treatment for pain reduced
The secondary parameters of the study were concomitant medication for pain or  alternative treatment and the subjective views of the students to swelling and mobility  of their affected joints. These were assessed every six weeks. After 24 weeks, it was  established that collagen hydrolysate was significantly superior to placebo with  regard to alternative pain therapy: accompanying methods such as physiotherapy  and acupuncture became significantly less effective as from week 18 both in the entire- and in the sub-group. This can be so interpreted that collagen hydrolysate  becomes effective with some delay but remains so for the longer term.    "The clinical data collected show that collagen hydrolysate significantly alleviates the  joint symptoms in persons that pursue active sports. This could well result in an  increase in overall performance", summarized Dr. Klaus Flechsenhar, Head of  Medical Research at GELITA AG, Germany. The study confirms already existing  clinical data that clearly show the positive influence of collagen hydrolysate on joint  symptoms as well as improved joint mobility.

In the study, participants who had been assigned to the nutritional supplement  group were treated with the product "CH-Alpha" of GELITA Health Products,  Germany.

Source: Gelita