In a recent study, researchers report that they have demonstrated body temperature is elevated endogenously in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and linked to worse fatigue. The article, authored by Kessler Foundation researchers, appeared ahead of print on February 21 in Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

A news release from the foundation notes that researchers measured body temperature in 50 patients with RRMS, 40 matched controls, and 22 patients with secondary progressive MS (SPMS). The researchers assessed whether resting body temperature was elevated in patients with RRMS and whether elevation was linked to fatigue, a reported prevalent, disabling, and recalcitrant symptom in the population.

James F. Sumowski, PhD, research scientist, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research at Kessler, states that researchers observed an elevated body temperature among patients with RRMS, which was also linked to fatigue.

“Our findings support those of randomized controlled trials of cooling garments and antipyretics, which have been shown to effectively reduce fatigue in MS. More studies are needed to investigate the complex relationships among fatigue, body temperature, and inflammatory processes in RRMS,” Sumowski says.

Source: Kessler Foundation