At the podium is Mark Agro, president and CEO of Otto Bock HealthCare Canada. Behind him (l to r) are Sabi Marwah, vice chairman and COO, Scotiabank (representing CFPDP), Yezdi Pavri, vice chairman, Deloitte (representing CFPDP), and Sriram Iyer, president and CEO, ICICI Bank Canada (also recognized with a corporate award.

Otto Bock HealthCare Canada, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, has received the Corporate Award from the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP), recognizing the company’s achievements in helping Canadians with disabilities.

The award was presented at the Great Valentine Gala in Toronto. The awards were established in 1991 to recognize companies that have made an outstanding contribution in assisting people with disabilities, especially in the workplace.

“Otto Bock HealthCare has been an international leader in rehabilitation technology for more than 90 years, with an extensive line of products including prosthetics, orthotics, mobility devices such as wheelchairs, and neuroimplants. Otto Bock HealthCare’s corporate vision to restore and maintain human independence has helped millions of people with disabilities to achieve a life of greater opportunity,” said the CFPDP.

Otto Bock has also been a long-term partner of the International Paralympic Committee.

Otto Bock’s support of the athletes and the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver included an exhibition on topics related to the Paralympics entitled "Spirit in Motion – Discover What Moves Us." The attraction, based in Whistler and visited by more than 23,000 people, offered information on the history of the Paralympic movement and various sports, background knowledge about medical technology, and opportunities for interactive participation.

The company produces more than 40,000 types of prosthetic and orthotic components, mobility, and rehabilitation products, and also maintains two of its research facilities in Canada. Otto Bock’s North American headquarters are in Minneapolis.

[Source: Otto Bock]