The National CCSVI Society’s second annual Canadian conference, “Exploring Frontiers in Neurovascular Health,” is slated for September 30. The conference will be hosted at the Foothills Centennial Center, Alberta, Canada. The National CCSVI Society (NCS) reports that attendees of the Canadian conference will have access to current and chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCVI) research and education geared toward the MS and CCSVI patient communities and the community at large.

NCS notes that leading international researchers and physicians are scheduled to present research and educate the patient community about how of CCSVI is emerging and the growing understanding about it. CCSVI experts will present information suggesting the vascular disorder between and its connection to many neurological and autoimmune diseases including MS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s, and Dementia. 

Kenneth Mandato, MD, is slated to serve as the event’s keynote speaker. According to NCS, Mandato is involved in the Saskatchewan government-funded study of CCSVI treatment outcomes and will provide the latest research about CCSVI, focusing on a recent Saskatchewan clinical trial. 

NCS reports that attendees will have the opportunity to gain current research knowledge in order to enable them to educate others about the current research findings and its connection to this vascular issue. 

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Source: NCS