A recent Kessler Foundation news release reports that four scientists yielding from the West Orange, NJ-based organization will represent it at the inaugural International Congress on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis. The congress is set to be held at the Congress Center, Bordeaux, France, May 11 to May 12. According to the news release, John DeLuca, PhD, Kessler VP of research and training, will attend the event alongside research scientists Victoria Leavitt, PhD, Lauren Strober, PhD, and James Sumowski, PhD. 

During the event, Kessler says, Leavitt is slated to present her research about predictors of memory decline in multiple sclerosis (MS), Strober will address the cognitive predictors of unemployment among MS patients, and Sumowski is scheduled to discuss the protective effect of intellectual enrichment against cognitive impairment in MS.

“We are pleased to join our colleagues in the global community to work toward effective preventative and therapeutic strategies. At Kessler Foundation, our interest extends to the impact of cognitive difficulties on employment, a major consideration in this relatively young patient population,” DeLuca says.

Reported topics for the 2012 International Congress on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis include diagnostic methods, imaging studies, pathologic mechanisms, rehabilitation strategies, and therapeutic approaches.

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Source: Kessler Foundation