Education research publisher SR Education Group recently released its rankings of the best online schools for people with disabilities.

Rochester Institute of Technology—with a Disability-Friendly score of 97.85—ranks first, with Stanford University a close second at 97.76. The schools are listed in alphabetical order.

The 2018 Best and Most Affordable Online Colleges for Students with Disabilities were ranked based on four factors: thoroughness of resources, Universal Design for Learning training, availability of distance learning accommodations, and variety of services provided.

To determine the rankings, SR Education Group, headquartered in Kirkland, Wash, assessed various schools across several categories using an internal algorithm, and assigned each school a Disability-Friendly Score up to 100 based on their performance in the above four factors.

The 55 colleges on the list received a Disability-Friendly Score greater than 55 and were ranked by strength of score.

SR Education Group manually researched 968 schools to develop these rankings. Other categories in which rankings were released include schools for LGBTQ students, women in STEM, Christian students, and students seeking economic mobility.

[Source(s): SR Education Group, PRWeb]