PunkinFutz, a company that makes sensory play products and accessories, and the New York State Occupational Therapy Association (NYSOTA) have launched an Entrepreneurial Partnership in which they will build new joint ventures to extend the value of occupational therapy, creative play and adaptive employment.

The partnership will also help to provide education and resources for NYSOTA’S newly formed New York State Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurial Collective (NYSOTEC).

NYSOTEC will support NYSOTA members in leveraging their occupational therapy expertise and creative know-how through entrepreneurship to meet the challenges of our new normal, according to a media release from PunkinFutz.

“Learning to adapt is exactly what we all need right now, as everyone, in all aspects of life, adapts to our new normal,” says NYSOTA president Flo Hannes, MS, OTR, FAOTA. “Working with PunkinFutz, a company that shares that vision and commitment and has been a longstanding supporter of NYSOTA, is a true win-win for all of us.”

“Since its inception, PunkinFutz has partnered with occupational therapy practitioners in helping children and adults with adaptive needs realize their full potential. Our partnership with NYSOTA is truly an extension of our joint efforts and commitment to the profession,” says company founder and CEO Lisa Radcliffe, in the release.

Launch of Seminar Series

As part of their partnership, NYSOTA and PunkinFutz are collaborating on a series of seminars to help occupational therapy practitioners leverage their skills in new ways to open new career paths.

“Every occupational therapy practitioner I have ever met has an innovative new product idea, but often doesn’t know how to bring it to market. That’s where we can help,” adds Radcliffe, who will be leading classes related to business development, from product design and branding through sales and marketing strategies. “And, if you don’t want to strike out on your own, the seminars provide a terrific opportunity to see where occupational therapy training can be leveraged for non-traditional career opportunities,” she says.

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Affiliate Programs, Research and Field Placement on the Horizon

In addition to the training seminars, PunkinFutz and NYSOTA are collaborating on an Affiliates Program, original research and much-needed field placement opportunities. In all cases, occupational therapy practitioners are being encouraged and supported in thinking outside the box to find new ways to apply their training and talents.

“These initiatives set a new standard for our members, create unique and exciting new opportunities for growth and professional development, and champion our very proactive approach to addressing the new landscape ahead,” Hannes shares.

PunkinFutz continues to help parents navigate the unique challenges they face with work and children at home and in light of the international COVID-19 pandemic with its weekly Wednesdays at Noon Facebook discussion on timely topics, recommendations and best practices.

It also offers Friday Recess at Four, end of week sessions designed for parent and child together. Each Monday, its weekly Survival Guide online newsletter features New York City-based community resources, events, tips, video expert comments and support, the release continues.

[Source(s): PunkinFutz, PRWeb]