PunkinFutz, which designs and produces therapeutic play products, shares various gift ideas that could be ideal for children with adaptive needs this holiday season.

The company partners with occupational therapists, parents, designers, and children to develop and test its products. All original PunkinFutz products are manufactured in the United States by adults with disabilities in supportive workplaces, it notes in a media release.

Gift ideas include PunkinFidgets such as PomPoms, which provide multiple options for sensory interaction; Scratchy Squares to help support focus, calm and self-control; and Marble Maze, to support focus, help increase hand and finger strength, and build fine motor skills. PunkinPie accessory bags, designed especially for wheelchairs could be an option for kids to carry anything they need to keep close at hand.

“From perfect stocking stuffers to the 2019 Top Toy Award winning PunkinPlaySpace, these accessible products unleash the power of play for every child,” says PunkinFutz CEO and founder, Lisa Radcliffe, “while the company’s adaptive workforce positively models that child’s future.”

“As the mother of two children with adaptive needs, I am inspired every day to make a positive difference for them and for others,” Radcliffe adds.

“PunkinFutz employs a fully adaptive workforce and produces the highest quality products that fulfill multiple therapeutic goals. We use universal design, so our products can be enjoyed by children of all abilities.”

For more information, visit PunkinFutz.

[Source(s): PunkinFutz, PRWeb]