Post Acute Medical LLC (PAM) announces plans to construct a 42-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital in northern Colorado near the communities of Fort Collins and Greeley, as well as one west of Denver near the suburbs of Golden and Lakewood, Colorado.

When both open, they will be PAM’s second and third hospital in Colorado, respectively, according to separate news releases.

Both hospitals will focus on the common goal of increasing patient strength and endurance and improving quality of life for patients who have experienced stroke, brain injury, neurological disease and deficits, amputations, pulmonary disease, orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injury and medically complex conditions.

“PAM is excited to bring comprehensive care for rehabilitation patients with complex conditions to the Fort Collins and Greeley communities, as well as to the communities surrounding Golden and Lakewood. Throughout all the communities we serve, we put the patient first and provide comprehensive, individualized treatment that fosters meaningful improvement and recovery for people with injuries, illnesses and disabilities.”

— Anthony Misitano, Chairman and CEO

[Source(s): Post Acute Medical LLC, PR Newswire]

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