Formerly known as Disability News Report, the TV channel for the disabled community launches new site and branding as DiMe, according to a news release.

In addition, the website DiMe (Disability Media Network) has officially relaunched.

DiMe is a TV channel that features news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming in the form of TV series and documentaries created and/or including individuals with disabilities. The channel also provides programming with authentic representation and reporting of issues specific to the disability community. Through Disability Media Network, disabled filmmakers and crew members are provided a platform to display their work and tell their stories their way.

DiMe founder and CEO, Jennifer Price, created DiMe as a digital media platform for and by the disabled community, she notes.

“The media is a powerful validation tool, so it’s important that disabled people receive validation and acceptance for who they are as well,” she says.

Price rebranded the website and company create a unified message, concept, brand, and ease of browsing for the TV channel. The new brand features an updated color palette, fonts, icon, and logo design.

“Access to space is always an issue for underrepresented communities,” Price adds. “And DiMe Network is here to provide it to people with disabilities.”

DiMe is currently streaming on Roku and directly from its website.

[Source(s): Disability Media Network, PRWeb]