Kinspire, a teletherapy platform reinventing how children and families receive developmental support, announced today that its service has expanded to Texas and Pennsylvania. Kinspire uses a “hybrid” approach of live pediatric occupational therapy (OT), asynchronous services provided by licensed therapists dedicated to each family, and on-demand content designed to increase parental involvement, comfort, and preparedness.

“As an OT for over a decade, I am incredibly excited that Texan children, families, and OTs can now all reap the benefits of Kinspire’s innovative model. Research supports occupation-based telehealth coaching for increasing parent-self efficacy, as well as children’s adaptive skills, play frequency, and skill development diversity in as few as 12 weeks,” said Kinspire provider Dr. Amanda Speights, DHSc, OTR/L.

Traditional session-based occupational therapy limits a child’s potential progression by restricting OT to only one modality of care – scheduled sessions. Its new approach expands on traditional sessions by equipping parents with the necessary tools, skills, and professional support to confidently supplement OT activities anywhere at any time.

“Kinspire’s hybrid approach is based on family-centered care and focuses on parental involvement which is proven to create the best possible outcomes for a child’s development while improving family dynamics in the process,” said Robert Seigel, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinspire.

It already provides services in Florida, California, Colorado and Connecticut.  In Florida, Kinspire is an approved provider for Step Up For Students. Kinspire is actively expanding its list of providers in its active states, while launching in several new states in the coming months.

[Source(s): Kinspire,PR Newswire]