MagnaReady self-buttoning dress shirts offer an option for men and women with limited mobility or hand dexterity who find it difficult or painful to button a shirt or dress themselves.

The button-down shirts look like all others on the market. However, underneath the buttons are powerful magnets that securely link together and make it look like the shirt is buttoned. This enables wearers to look crisp and professional without struggling to manipulate tiny buttons into buttonholes, or worrying about missing a button or lining them up incorrectly.

According to the company, the shirts are wrinkle-free, stain resistant, and machine washable, and are designed with barrel cuffs and a spread collar.

Men’s shirts are available in solid white and chambray, blue plaid, and blue gingham. Women’s shirts are available in white and stripes.

For more information, visit MagnaReady.

[Source: MagnaReady]