The Jean Griswold Foundation, a nonprofit named for the founder of Griswold Home Care, will donate 40% of its 2019 proceeds toward Meals on Wheels America’s work to combat senior isolation, it announces in a news release.
This partnership is part of the organization’s larger initiative to raise funds and awareness to help further its intervention, research and advocacy programs that address isolation among older Americans.

“We are incredibly grateful for the Jean Griswold Foundation’s donation toward our work to tackle senior isolation,” says Ellie Hollander, president and chief executive officer of Meals on Wheels America, in the release.

“Our partnership with the Foundation will help us expand the programs and tools that local Meals on Wheels programs use to provide companionship to the country’s vulnerable seniors and improve their health outcomes as a whole.”

Social isolation is becoming one of the biggest threats to seniors, as one in five older Americans report experiencing loneliness regularly – increasing their risk of various health complications, including cognitive decline and heart disease. Through its initiative, Meals on Wheels America is expanding its efforts to reduce senior isolation nationwide, equipping the network of local providers with funding, tools and research.

“Since the Foundation’s establishment, our mission has always been to help seniors lead happy, healthy lives in the place they love most – their homes,” states Penny Kardon, executive director of the Jean Griswold Foundation, the release continues.

“We are honored to partner with Meals on Wheels America to address this growing issue and empower more Americans to maintain their independence and age in place.”

[Source: Jean Griswold Foundation]