What happens when Alexa teams up with a virtual caregiver? The healthcare community is about to find out.

Addison, described as a “virtual caregiver,” debuted last year as a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). A lot has changed since then, however, and at the recent 2020 CES show Addison was rolled out to CES attendees sporting new features that her developer Electronic Caregiver, says have upgraded Addison to a “market ready” technology.

Who (or what) is Addison?

Addison Care is an IoT-connected residential health solution designed to perform tasks such as chronic care management, monitoring, behavioral health, rehabilitation suppor,t and continuum of care support. Addison sets up within minutes in a patient’s home and features multiple touch screens networked together with far-field microphones, health peripherals, high-quality sound, and RealSense Intel depth cameras.

The solution includes a voice-powered 3D Virtual Caregiver named Addison. Addison is displayed inside interactive, dynamic 3D scenes and can perform demonstrations, conduct patient assessments, and work with objects inside her environment, according to a news release from the Las Cruces, NM-based company.

When Addison debuted as a prototype, she demonstrated capabilities such as collecting vitals and performing medication reminders. The new features in this year’s update include the ability for health practices to manage in-office patient assessments as well as intake and outtake procedures.

“CES 2020 is a pivotal debut for us,” Electronic Caregiver CEO Anthony Dohrmann says, in the release.

“Addison is now market ready. She monitors vitals through six connected health devices. Her scenes are more capable, dynamic, and fluid. Her voice capabilities are dramatically enhanced. The entire user experience has seen a 100-fold improvement. We’ve added features for child patients, chronic care patients, behavioral health, rehabilitation, and full-network integration with health providers. One of the most exciting Virtual Assistant features Addison will present at CES is the integration of Amazon Alexa.”

For more information, visit Electronic Caregiver.

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