Lowe’s announces a multi-year commitment to become the leading retail destination for aging-in-place and life-change solutions through its launch of Lowe’s Livable Home.  

Lowe’s Livable Home will offer expertise, services and affordable products, with a range of styles and budgets to meet any ability by creating a one-stop destination for universal design options.

In the first in a series of steps, Lowe’s is announcing a unique online and in-store collaboration in customer education with AARP, the largest non-profit organization dedicated to serving people 50 years and older and their families for more than 6 decades.

Lowe’s commitment comes at a critical time as preparing homes for all of life’s changes is one of the largest unseen issues in America: less than 1% of U.S. homes have particular features needed to support aging in the home, according to AARP, while 77% of people aged 50 years and older would like to stay in their current home as long as possible. Eight in 10 adults aged 50 years or older want to stay where they live, but many people lack the expertise or resources to adapt their home.

“Nearly every family in America at some point, including my own, faces the important and often intimidating responsibility of preparing a home for life’s changes,” said Marvin Ellison, Lowe’s chairman and CEO. “Lowe’s Livable Home is uniquely positioned to help address the customers’ desire for a one-stop destination with trusted resources and affordable solutions they need throughout every step of the journey. It’s a commitment to our customers who turn to Lowe’s to make their homes better no matter what change they face in life.”

Lowe’s Livable Home features a virtual library of articles and videos that will be updated regularly. AARP will help create educational online content on the site focusing on taking age-friendly design action. AARP will also assist in the training of Lowe’s associates accompanied by signage in select stores nationwide through next year.

The in-store enhancements are underway now in nearly 500 stores and nearly 50 metro areas and are expected to continue expanding throughout 2022.

  • Lowe’s associates and managers will participate in AARP trainings teaching practical skills and information to support customers looking to improve a home
  • Once complete, trained associates will wear an AARP-branded badge that communicates to customers that they can help them find age-friendly options
  • Lowe’s and AARP will also co-develop a “Livable Home” in-store resource guide with information, tools and resources for customers

“People are living longer, and they want to live their best lives at every age,” said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. “Ageless homes that work for older adults are good for people of all ages, but most houses weren’t built to support our needs long-term. The best way to continue living in the home you love is to make healthy aging improvements today that will benefit you tomorrow.”

Lowe’s is also expanding its service options to customers seeking assessments through Lowe’s associates and Lowe’s independent service provider network. In select locations and expanding through next year, customers will be able to access free virtual assessments with Lowe’s ageing in place specialists.

In select locations, Lowe’s extensive independent service providers network of professionals will also provide assessments, installation and ongoing customer service support for installations and remodeling ranging from low-threshold shower installation to more simple installations of grab bars and temporary or permanent stair lifts and ramps.

[Source(s): Lowe’s Companies Inc, PR Newswire]