Fluxion Biosciences announces the launch of the BioFlux Plate, designed to serve as a model for the study of infections caused by long-term use of catheters, and as a platform for the development of preventative approaches. “An estimated 250,000-400,000 catheter-related bloodstream infections occur every year in the United States, with a very high mortality rate,” says Bryan Haines, PhD, Global BioFlux product director, in a media release. “Indwelling devices are usually associated with microbial biofilms, which can be challenging to study in vitro. These new plates simulate the proper in vivo catheter biofilm conditions, including shear force, nutrient delivery, and substrate material. We are very excited to provide these plates to the medical device and biofilm research communities,” he adds. The new silicone-based plates are available in both 24 and 48-well configurations, and are compatible with all BioFlux system configurations, the company notes. [Source(s): Fluxion Biosciences, PR Newswire]