For nearly 50 years, BraunAbility has manufactured wheelchair-accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts. For more than 35 years, Q’STRAINT has focused on wheelchair passenger safety inside the vehicle as a leading provider of wheelchair and occupant securement solutions.

The two companies announce a new venture to accelerate innovation for their customers and keep pace with the technologies rapidly transforming the automotive landscape. One significant opportunity of the venture will be greater integration of the design process, which will set the stage for systems-based solutions. This vertically integrated approach to design holds significant potential for enhanced safety, quality, and reliability for the disability community, a media release from BraunAbility explains.

“Wheelchair passengers face such a segmented experience when they travel. We see huge opportunities for integrating technologies and creating a new story, rewritten for inclusion. Together, we help ensure that new products create a more intuitive and effortless experience for our customers.”

— Patrick Girardin, co-president of Q’STRAINT

Ensure New Designs Are Inclusive

Major original equipment manufacturer automotive and consumer technology players have announced hundreds of billions of dollars in future investment in electric and autonomous vehicles. BraunAbility and Q’STRAINT are teaming up to ensure these rapidly advancing technologies include solutions for the disability community, the release continues.

“The shift to these new technologies has the potential to change a remarkable number of lives if they are designed for inclusion. To keep pace with this historic change, our industry must combine research and development investments and other resources, so wheelchair users are included in the future of mobility.”

— Staci Kroon, global president and chief executive officer of BraunAbility

The combined effort will prioritize consumer innovation while maintaining the same levels of technology, support and service for their dealer and commercial partners. One such breakthrough is QUANTUM, a system that offers wheelchair passengers of public transit buses complete independence by allowing them to secure themselves without assistance from the bus operator. This time-saving, contactless technology allows the wheelchair passenger to board quickly and safely while the driver focuses on operating on schedule.

“Both our companies have customer-first cultures and prioritize the value of our long-term business partnerships. At BraunAbility, we say, ‘Today, Tomorrow, Together,’ because the best way to fulfill our mission to increase mobility in our communities is to partner with our dealers and commercial customers. This belief is common to both Q’STRAINT and us.”

— Staci Kroon

Combined, BraunAbility and Q’STRAINT do business in more than 70 countries, primarily in North America and Europe, per the release. 

“In the end, it’s the customers who will win. Because our missions don’t change, they will simply work together to change more lives.”

— Julie Boynton, co-president of Q’STRAINT

[Source(s): BraunAbility, PR Newswire]

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