Activbody, maker of the Activ5 Portable Fitness Device and Training App, announces the release of workout categories designed to include people with disabilities who are seeking to maintain their fitness and reduce their injury risk.

The workouts were developed with three subcategories: limited range of mobility, seated exercises, and avoiding direct impact during workouts.

“We have seen a meaningful increase in the number of users with disabilities on the Activ5 platform,” says Seth Cummings, Activbody chief marketing officer, in a media release.

“The exercises that are most relevant to this community are featured three subcategories in our App Workouts section. Our exercise development team received feedback from people living with disabilities to align the most appropriate exercises into a well-organized, easy-to-follow sequence of workouts.”

Each of the workouts consists of 14 to 20 individual exercises that last either 15 or 30 seconds each. The total workout time for each of the individual workouts is 2.5 to 5 minutes. Because all Activ5 workouts are isometric-based, muscles sustain a constant contraction throughout each exercise that deliver efficient and effective results in short periods of time.

Additionally, each isometric workout is either designated as a seated or standing workout to provide flexibility and further personalize options for users with disabilities, the release explains.

For more information, visit Activbody.

[Source(s): Activbody, PRWeb]