Olea Sensor Networks announces the availability of its new BalancedSense with OleaSense Development Platform, which features a wireless, contactless device that can detect falls and, if one occurs, can call for assistance.

The device collects data via the BalancedSense system, which collects and processes data from the wearer in order to predict deviations in core balance. Olea’s intelligent sensor analytics extracts the data and transmits it via Bluetooth to the cloud.

Weighing less than an ounce and smaller than a business card, the device may be worn around the neck or slipped into a shirt pocket, per a media release from Olea Sensor Networks.

“In general, call alert systems require the victim to be able to push a button which is not always possible when disoriented or unconscious,” explains Frank Morese, CEO/CTO and founder of Reno, Nev-based Olea Sensor Networks, in the release. “In addition to this valuable contribution to IoT healthcare, we also see that the BalancedSense system is adaptable to assist in athletic performance training in many sports such as golfing or gymnastics.”

For more information, visit Olea Sensor Networks.

[Source(s): Olea Sensor Networks, PR Newswire]