Kistler, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, announces that its diagnostic system Kistler Quattro Jump now supports Kistler MARS 2.1 diagnostic software.

The company notes in a media release that the Windows-based software, specifically developed for the Quattro Jump, was designed to enable the evaluation of performance and force of vertical jumps. Eight predefined analysis modules help users to evaluate the measurements in just a few seconds, and all relevant performance parameters are displayed at a glance, per the release.

Quattro Jump is made for performance coaches, team physiotherapists, and fitness and rehab trainers who need to objectively determine the exact condition of their athletes. The performance parameters delivered via the diagnostics software help athletes train to their optimal level and avoid injury, the release explains.

For more information about the Quattro Jump, visit Kistler.

[Source: Kistler]