ReWalk Robotics Ltd, a manufacturer of robotic medical technology for people with lower extremity disabilities, announced Simon Kindleysides, a British man who is paralyzed from the waist down due to an inoperable brain tumor, has earned a Guinness World Record after climbing to the top of London’s Leadenhall Building while wearing the company’s wearable robotic exoskeleton.

It took Kindleysides 6 hours and 16 minutes to climb the 1,444 steps, a grand total of 51 stories, from the basement to the very top of the skyscraper. Leadenhall, which is also known as “The Cheesegrater” because of its unique design, is 225 meters tall and a standout in the London skyline. This is Kindleysides’ second time landing in the Guinness Book of World Records. He set his first record in 2018 when he became the first paralyzed man to walk the London Marathon in an exoskeleton suit.

“I use my suit to push boundaries to the max,” Kindleysides says. “I don’t just use it for a walking aid. I’ve pushed the suit to its absolute limits. I encourage anyone out there who wants to try new things to just do it. My motto is ‘no such thing as can’t.’”

Simon Kindleysides stands at the top of the Leadenhall Skyscraper after a world-record breaking 51-story climb in his ReWalk Exoskeleton. (Photo courtesy of ReWalk Robotics Ltd)

The ReWalk system stair function, which is available in the UK, EU, and other international locations (excluding US), allows a user to climb and descend stairs or curbs.

“The entire ReWalk team would like to congratulate Simon on his amazing accomplishment,” says Larry Jasinski, CEO of ReWalk. “His dedication, physical fitness, and determination are truly impressive. The durability and safety of the ReWalk design have again been demonstrated through user experience and we are glad our suit – which is the only exoskeleton approved for use on stairs overseas – allowed him to complete this difficult challenge. It is used every day by ReWalkers and their companions on stairs and curbs within the EU and we hope to bring the stairs function to the U.S. market soon so that all ReWalkers can have access to full functionality of their exoskeleton.”

Kindleysides is taking on the London Marathon again in October, where he hopes to beat his own Guinness World Record.

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