Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc announces that the Nebraska Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE), an international nonprofit community organization, has purchased two EksoNR devices on behalf of local Nebraska inpatient rehabilitation facilities.

The EksoNR devices will be donated to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Bryan Medical Center, a 30-bed unit in Lincoln, Neb, and Nebraska Methodist Hospital & Rehabilitation Center’s 22-bed rehabilitation facility in Omaha, Neb.

“Ekso Bionics is proud to partner with the Fraternal Order of Eagles in improving outcomes for patients through our innovative EksoNR technology. With EksoNR devices placed at multiple Nebraska locations that have a deep focus on neurorehabilitation, an increasing number of physical therapists will have necessary tools to elevate the standard of care for neurorehabilitation with our groundbreaking exoskeleton.”

— Bill Shaw, Chief Commercial Officer of Ekso Bionics

“Supporting patients with spinal cord injury is one of the Fraternal Order of Eagles’ primary initiatives, and we take pride in this endeavor. The F.O.E. already has a great relationship with Ekso Bionics, whom we selected as a partner for this donation as a result of the technology’s successful adoption in the Nebraska market and compelling patient stories.”

— FOE Grand Worthy President Brian Rogers

“The addition of EksoNR into our rehabilitation unit enables us to continue to provide superior care by bringing the most advanced solutions to our patients. EksoNR features unique capabilities that deliver superior outcomes for patients recovering from stroke, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, all of which we serve at Methodist Hospital. We are excited to incorporate the most advanced exoskeleton robotics into our rehab programs.”

— Sarah Cockle, the Service Leader for Therapy Services at Nebraska Methodist Hospital & Rehabilitation Center

“We are grateful for the use of EksoNR through the generous donation of the Nebraska Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. The EksoNR provides us with additional advanced technology to maximize functional recovery and promote patient independence. Our expert team looks forward to including this technology into our collaborative rehab approach for stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries.”

— Samantha Penas, assistant therapy manager at Bryan Medical Center

EksoNR is a robotic exoskeleton designed to be used in a rehabilitation setting to help neurorehab patients to learn to walk again with a more natural gait. The exoskeleton is FDA-cleared for acquired brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury, to re-teach the brain and muscles how to properly walk again.

[Source(s): Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc, GlobeNewswire]