Featuring sensor and GPS technology, the TruSense smart home technology system is designed to empower seniors to remain independent while living at home and avoid the high costs of an assisted living facility.

Via its integration with technology options such as the Amazon Echo Dot, motion sensors, and GPS, TruSense is designed to monitor the aging person’s activity, and to take note of any declines before they lead to health concerns.

If any declines occur, TruSense sends custom notifications to the user and to everyone on the user’s friend list, and notifies a 24/7 emergency monitoring center via Amazon Echo Dot. In addition, if an aging senior in the early stages of dementia gets lost or wanders away from home, TruSense reports the person’s location and sends real-time alerts to caregivers regarding their whereabouts.

“TruSense’s smart home technology was designed to give the nearly 40 million seniors that live alone today an option that makes it easier to stay in their own homes longer, while providing their caregivers and loved ones with more information on their health and wellness when they cannot be there, bringing assurance and peace of mind to the entire family,” explains Rob Deubell, vice president of TruSense, in a media release.

[Source(s): TruSense, PRWeb]