Therapy Choice, a provider of in-home physical, occupational, and speech therapy, along with individually tailored home assessments, for older adults, announces a company milestone with the celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Founded by two brothers – Mike Gasiewski, OT, and Ed Gasiewski, PT – the practice aims to help seniors optimize the quality of their lives through personalized, in-home therapy and home safety assessments.

“When I worked at nursing homes, I witnessed patients who were often discharged without sufficient plans. as a result, I began offering home safety assessments to some of these individuals, so I could make their home environments safer. Most of these patients also wanted in-home therapy. After an exhaustive amount of research, my brother and I worked out a viable solution. The ability for us to offer customized, one-on-one in-home therapy through Medicare Part B was the biggest catalyst to launch Therapy Choice.”

— Mike Gasiewski

In-home therapy is especially crucial for individuals residing in underserved communities because they may not have transportation or anyone to accompany them to outside therapy centers, a media release from Therapy Choice notes.

Greg Donahue, Executive Director at Therapy Choice, believes that a big key to the success of any given company lies in its people.

“We only hire experienced, well-educated and compassionate therapists and ensure that each member of our team has everything they need to excel at what they do,” he says. “Our people are literally the face to our customers, and they will always have our unyielding support.

“The core of what we do isn’t going to change,” Mike Gasiewski adds. “In fact, there will be an increasingly greater demand for our services, especially among aging Baby Boomers. We can, however, help people bolster their independence even further by aiding them in mastering new technologies associated with remote controls, cell phones, kitchen appliances, and even devices like Alexa.”

Therapy Choice has devised a viable solution to provide much-needed services that have proven to be beneficial for everyone involved in the process.

“My brother and I — along with our entire team — continue to follow our hearts by doing what we love while allowing our patients to remain safe, independent, and empowered in the comfort of their own homes. Now, that’s what I call an indisputable win-win!”

— Ed Gasiewski

[Source: Therapy Choice]