An adaptive spoon engineered to counteract hand tremors and stabilize food while eating is available through Lift Labs, headquartered in San Francisco. Liftware offers users with essentials tremors 70% tremor cancellation, according to the company’s website. The technology features sensors in its handle to detect the user’s tremor. The device then counteracts the tremor, using motors to move the spoon opposite the tremor. The spoon is designed to discern the motion from a hand tremor from other types of motion, allowing it to respond only to the tremor and preserve the user’s intended motion. The site also notes that each unit is individually tested on a bench top shaker prior to being shipped, to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, Liftware will soon be marketed with multiple attachments including a fork, soup spoon, and keyholder, according to the site. For more information, visit [Source: Lift Labs]