Right at Home, a provider of in-home care for seniors and adults with disabilities, has joined other leading brands in the senior care market as a member of the HomesRenewed Coalition. The coalition supports policies that encourage modifications to existing homes to help older adults age in place.

“Right at Home appreciates the work of the HomesRenewed Coalition and finds that its goal of seeking policies that allow tax incentives for home modifications fits well with the Right at Home mission, to improve the lives of those we serve. Historically, housing design did not take into account the aging process and the physical constraints it imposes on seniors and adults living with disabilities who want to age in their home environment. Tax policy to incentivize these much-needed modifications would pay for itself over time with reduced fall risk and less utilization of more costly care options.”

— Brian Petranick, President and CEO of Right at Home

While presenting at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting last November, Dr. Jesse Abraham with the HomesRenewed Resource Center reported an alarming statistic: According to the US Census Bureau’s 2019 American Housing Survey, of the 14 million households headed by someone over age 75, 46% had an acknowledged accessibility problem (either entering the home; or getting to or using the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom).

Surveys have revealed the desire of seniors to remain in their homes longer, and there are numerous proposals, pilots and initiatives to introduce more care in the home. However, older homes in which many seniors reside often have steep stairs, unsafe or nonexistent railings, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting that do not accommodate the aging process.

Congress Call to Action

The coalition calls on Congress to enact policies that:

  • Allow individuals to use their pre-tax retirement accounts tax- and penalty-free to pay for aging-in-place modifications in their homes.
  • Create tax credits or deductions for homeowners who proactively prepare their homes for aging in place.

Tax incentives for age-friendly design elements would help improve homes for older adults and allow them to age in place and receive more health care services in the home. These design elements could include improvements such as railings on stairways, ramps to access entryways, and accessible features in kitchens and bathrooms.

Right at Home’s expertise in navigating the aging care journey will help the HomesRenewed Coalition in its advocacy efforts for accessible homes for seniors.

[Source(s): Right at Home, PR Newswire]