FallCall Solutions LLC launches “ElderCheck Now,” a new application that aims to help caregivers stay informed about their elders’ overall well-being.

The app allows caregivers to send secure check-ins to their elders, to which the elders can respond. The response then returns a snapshot that includes a variety of information about the elders’ overall well-being.

For example, according to a media release from FallCall Solutions, when an elder returns a caregiver’s query, the app’s “I’m OK” or “call me” status provides an update while sending the elder’s heart rate information and GPS location, and presents a button to quickly return a phone call.

“Our app was designed to provide caregivers with more information, more quickly and more often than would ordinarily be possible with just calls and texts,” says Shea Gregg, MD, Connecticut-based trauma surgeon and founder of FallCall Solutions, in the release.

“Through simplified two-way communication, seniors can request calls and provide check-in replies with ease, giving peace of mind to both parties throughout their day in the most hassle-free way possible,” Gregg adds.

The app, which is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch, is available from the App Store.

[Source(s): FallCall Solutions LLC, PR Newswire]