A new online calculator has been launched for risk managers and safety officials at hospitals and health care facilities. The calculator provides an estimate of potential “Return On Investment” (ROI) from the implementation of a safe lifting program and to help justify the investment of time, training, and capital equipment. It is available at www.SafeLiftingPortal.com/calculator.

The ROI Calculator is part of the Safe Lifting Environment injury prevention campaign that is sponsored by Liko Inc, Franklin, Mass, and designed to promote the use of safe lifting and patient handling practices at health care and hospital facilities.

Entering basic facility data such as the number of beds at the facility and the number of full time employees produces a customizable report that provides basic savings information. The report can then be used to support the creation of a facility-wide safe patient handling program. The ROI Calculator utilizes industry-average cost and injury rates to provide an accurate representation of potential cost savings.

The Safe Lifting Portal serves as a clearinghouse for injury prevention information with presentation aids, educational resources, and links to related Web sites. With recent legislation in many states aimed at reducing caregiver injuries, information availability is key for the communication of successful strategies between lift committees, risk managers, safety directors, and occupational health professionals.

Free Safe Lifting Environment starter kits, which include health care injury statistics, Safe Lifting Environment decals, and graphic elements, are also available at the portal.  For more information, visit www.SafeLiftingPortal.com or call (888) 545-6671.

[SOURCE: Liko Inc, October 2006]