Among the top 10 freelance, consulting, and part-time positions identified recently by CareerCast, occupational therapist lands at No 6.

The median pay per hour in 2015 for an occupational therapist, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics in a media release, is $38.54.

Home healthcare aide, which takes the No 5 spot, earns a median pay of $10.54 per hour.

“Working independently can translate to unparalleled flexibility,” says Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor,, in the release. “The ‘independent employee’ economy is expected to reach 40% by the next decade, which means many opportunities for the self-employed.”

However, the downsides to working freelance could include the need to find multiple opportunities in order to earn the income typical of a single, full-time job, as well as having to fund one’s own health insurance, per the release.

[Source(s): CareerCast, PR Newswire]