LyfLynks Inc and the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) announce an agreement to offer unpaid family caregivers access to LyfLynks’ LYN platform.

The platform, designed to facilitate family caregivers’ care of their aging loved ones independence and well-being, combines a mobile app, Member Care call center, and a curated provider network to address the challenges associated with aging in place. Aging Life Care Professionals are eligible to enroll as providers on LYN and to offer LYN as a service to their clients, a media release from Aging Life Care Association notes.

Through LYN’s mobile application and Member Care call center, caregivers are able to leverage LYN to arrange and pay for a variety of curated goods and services, communicate with other family members, obtain community-based support, and keep track of activities and appointments related to their loved ones.

“As family caregivers ourselves, we understand the demands on their time and are committed to simplifying caregiving support for both caregivers and elders. We exist to simplify, organize and assist caregivers in their efforts to support their loved ones’ well-being and independence.

Our mission is to ensure that family caregivers are able to spend meaningful time with their loved ones, rather than dealing with the time-consuming research and coordination of services associated with aging in place. Caregiving is, at its core, a human endeavor, and our solution combined with the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals enhances our ability to successfully leverage technologies with human caring.”

— Don Vetal, CEO and co-founder

“ALCA’s theme for this year is ‘ALCA Innovates,’ and this partnership is a perfect example of how the intersection between ALCA members and corporate partners can come together to help the families they work with. We are proud to welcome LyfLynks to our roster of esteemed Corporate Partners and look forward to working with them.”

— ALCA CEO C. Taney Hamill

The LYN app is currently available for download by elders and caregivers from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

[Source(s): Aging Life Care Association, PRWeb]

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