Supracor, San Jose, Calif, has granted Anodyne Medical Device Inc, Los Angeles, and its customer, Hill-Rom, Batesville, Ind, exclusive worldwide use of Stimulite honeycomb in their line of medical sleep-support surfaces.

Hill-Rom will integrate Stimulite into its NP200 Wound Surface mattress replacement.

“Creating multiple zones in a non-powered mattress provides an ideal support surface for both acute and long term care,” said Susan Wilson, Supracor’s VP and creative director.

Stimulite, a soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb, distributes weight uniformly across its surface to eliminate pressure points. Its cells flex with movement to minimize shearing, while perforations in the cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture.

Hill-Rom specified Stimulite to provide pressure redistribution that helps prevent and treat pressure sores in moderate- to high-risk patients. The new Wound Surface features different configurations of the honeycomb for multiple zones of fine-tuned pressure relief that self-adjusts to patients. Tens of thousands of spring-like cells contour to the body shape, stimulating blood flow to improve circulation while preventing heat buildup and humidity.

Supracor originated the fusion-bonded honeycomb technology. Anodyne designs and manufactures support surfaces and positioning devices, and Hill-Rom develops and manufactures hospital beds, surfaces, and other medical technology.