Triton foot-ankle prosthetic is demonstrated by Philip Nielsen. (Image from Fox 40 News report)

Triton foot-ankle prosthetic is demonstrated by Philip Nielsen. (Image from Fox 40

Two marquee names in prosthetic development, Ottobock and Hanger Inc, partnered to deliver what is described as a new microprocessor-controlled smart ankle. The device, known as the Triton smart ankle, is being marketed exclusively by Austin, Texas-based Hanger Inc, according to a media release from Hanger.

A 42-year old Greene, NY man, Philip Nielsen, was recently fitted with the ankle-foot prosthetic, reportedly making him the first person in New York to take advantage of the technology. Nielsen is a below-the-knee amputee as the result of a motorcycle accident in 1993, according to the Hanger media release.

The Triton is described as a device engineered with embedded sensors and built-in Bluetoth connectivity. It is designed to sync to a mobile app on a user’s smartphone to allow real-time feedback and adjustments to be made by the user and prosthetist. The device, in fact, is said to be able to adjust 50 times per second in real time.

Nielsen demonstrates the device in this news video from Fox 40

Other features include a 34-degree range of motion that allows users to navigate a variety of terrains, including inclines and declines. The Triton also is engineered with an adjustable heel to accommodate a maximum 2-inch heel height. This feature, according to the Hanger release, allow users to wear a variety to footwear, including boots and heels.

Hanger Clinic reportedly partnered with Ottobock during the development of the Triton smart ankle. The technology, however, is available exclusively to Hanger Clinic.

[Source: Hanger Inc]