encoreSpan-America Medical Systems Inc recently introduced a multi-featured bed that offers an ergonomic design and pressure management technology. The Encore Bed’s GlideAlign feature is designed to help keep patients safely in alignment with the bed environment during the head-of-bed elevation cycle.

The company notes that the feature’s reduction of sliding and repositioning helps protect against shearing at the sacrum, scapula, and heels. The Encore Bed can also extend to 84 inches and provides a ReadyWide feature to allow a “two-click” expansion of the sleep surface to widths of 39 inches or 42 inches.

The product’s SmartStop component is also designed to improve low-bed safety and ergonomics, by automatically stopping bed lowering when the deck reaches 12.5 inches from the floor to ease bed ingress, egress, and allow for more ergonomically correct transfers.

For more information, visit www.spanamerica.com

[Source: Span-America Medical Systems Inc]