Accutech Security Solutions announces a new style of resident wrist strap for its ResidentGuard wander management solution, worn by residents of healthcare facilities with wandering tendencies.

ResidentGuard provides a secure environment for all residents, using security features such as access control, floor plan monitoring and alarms to alert staff when a resident has entered a restricted area or left the building.

The bands feature monitoring tags to track movements and prevent dangerous elopement events. The new bands are designed to be less institutional to preserve each resident’s dignity, as well as to be sleeker, more comfortable, and look similar to a personal fitness band.

“The market has been calling for a less institutional band for years, so we’re excited to make this necessary and obvious improvement,” says Accutech Sales & Marketing director Chris Konicek, in a media release.

“Resident dignity is paramount, and we believe this is one of the greatest steps taken to improve the perception of ‘wander management bands’ in the market.”

[Source(s): Accutech, PRWeb]