A Kansas City, Mo-area United Healthcare-Medicare Solutions licensed agent, Barbara Murphy, is laying the foundation for Veterans Helping Veterans, a program aimed at training veterans of the US armed forces about Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, and teaching them to use that expertise to enroll other veterans who are eligible members.

In a media release from Murphy, she points out that most Vietnam veterans are older than age 65 years, and some live with the complications of cardiac and diabetic conditions and other health issues. “Some of these American Veterans do not realize they can possibly receive the extra health benefits of a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan with their current health care benefits,” Murphy notes in the release. “Some SNPs come with a premium, some do not. These SNP plans are not available everywhere.”

Murphy explains that these Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans can fill in the gaps where the veterans’ present health care benefits do not provide coverage.

Veterans Helping Veterans reportedly will be based in Kansas City, and Murphy will provide training, licensing, marketing, and financial support for 100 American Veterans to become licensed sales’ agents within the Medicare market. This group, “The Elite 100 of 2015,” will then be equipped to seek out other American Veterans eligible for additional health care benefits, explain their options, and help them sign up for the Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, acceding to Murphy.

“In addition to helping our American Veterans, it also creates 100 new jobs,” Murphy says.

According to a statement from Murphy in the media release, the cost to educate, license, certify, equip, and market each American Veteran is about $10,000. Therefore, Murphy notes, she is looking to raise $1 million to fund “The Elite 100 of 2015.” To generate this capital, she has launched an Indiegogo campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/veterans-helping-veterans–13.

More information is available online at www.indiegogo.com/projects/veterans-helping-veterans–13.

[Source: Barbara Murphy]