To address the vulnerability of the lower extremities to the occurrence of pressure ulcers, particularly the heel, the Indianapolis-based company EHOB markets the Foot WAFFLE Custom.

Featuring new air-filled straps, the Foot WAFFLE Custom is designed to provide pressure ulcer prevention, treatment, and patient comfort across the top of the leg and foot. The foot strap and newly modified ankle section, EHOB says, help to prevent the shifting of the foot and offer assistance in the proper alignment of the lower extremity. The company adds that the foot-end portion of the Foot WAFFLE Custom features an adjustable, air-filled “pillow pad” engineered to float the patient’s foot while assisting in the prevention of ankle contractures, as well as the maintenance of normal ankle alignment for patients with foot drop.

A Velcro strap at the end of the product is intended to accommodate multiple foot widths and clinical applications, offering adjustment options to float or protect the heel while the product’s wider opening provides increased air circulation.

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[Source: EHOB]