Acorda Therapuetics Inc, headquartered in Hawthorne, NY, recently announced the enrollment of the first patient in its proof-of-concept study designed to investigate the use of AMPYRA (dalfampridine) extended-release tablets and their treatment implications in patients with post-stroke deficits. Ron Cohen, MD, Acorda Therapeutics president and CEO, emphasizes the impact that long-term functional deficits can have on stroke survivors and their caregivers, adding, “Preclinical data have shown that dalfampridine can improve functional deficits resulting from ischemic stroke, providing a strong basis for this first clinical trial in people with post-stroke deficits,” Cohen says.

A recent Acorda news release notes that the goal of the proof-of-concept study centers on assessing the safety and tolerability of AMPYRA in individuals who exhibit stable post-stroke deficits following an ischemic stroke. The exploratory efficacy outcome measures are slated to include changes in walking speed, upper- and lower-extremity motor and sensory function, manual dexterity, and assessment of functional independence in performing activities of daily living. Researchers add that the study will also investigate the global impressions of general improvement among clinicians and subjects. The initial study results are expected to be announced in early 2013, Acorda reports.

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Source: Acorda Therapeutics Inc