A recently introduced US Senate resolution has resulted in the designation of September 2014 as “National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month.”

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida introduced the US Senate Resolution 533, according to a news release issued by The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

Marc Buoniconti, president, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, articulates the organization’s gratefulness to Rubio, emphasizing, “This designation goes a long way in generating more awareness and support for the cutting edge research that is leading us closer to a cure. Our innovative approaches, discoveries, clinical trials, and scientific breakthroughs are offering real hope that a cure for paralysis will be found soon.”

The release notes the resolution passed by the US Senate states, in part, “every 48 minutes a person will become paralyzed, underscoring the urgent need to develop new neuroprotection, pharmacological, and regeneration treatments to reduce, prevent, and reverse paralysis.”

The resolution continues to say that, “Increased education and investment in research are key factors in improving outcomes for victims of spinal cord injuries, improving the quality of life of victims, and ultimately curing paralysis.”

Rubio states in the release that research about spinal cord injuries has helped treat millions of patients and also helped prevent injuries through education and awareness. However, more must be done “with the goal of helping those who have been affected to walk again.”

Rubio adds that he is “honored to play my part in having the US Senate recognize Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month, and help boost efforts in support of this worthy cause.”

Additionally, the resolution states that the Senate continues to support research geared toward pinpointing improved treatments, therapies, and a cure for paralysis, and “supports clinical trials for new therapies that offer promise and hope to those persons living with paralysis.”

[Source: The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis]