Mikaela Deneen, 14, of Mount Savage, Md, who suffered a recent spinal cord injury, will soon return home after a 2-month and 2-week stay at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. The institute is home to the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury.

During Deneen’s stay at the institute, she spent at least three hours a day doing intensive therapy sessions. Therapy sessions included electrical stimulation. The E-Stim unit was used several times a day on different muscles. Therapy also included a Functional Electric Simulation bike.

“The bike helps provide input to the nervous system and helps with strength and endurance,” said Lauren Edwards physical therapist at Kennedy Krieger.

While at the hospital, Edwards worked with multiple members of Deneen’s family to learn what they could do to help Deneen continue to strengthen and progress. Edwards showed the family how to do the exercises, showed them where to place the E Stim and gave them safety tips. “The home rehab program is pretty comprehensive,” said Edwards.

Once Deneen returns home, she will meet with a physical therapist at Progressive Physical Therapy. At home, Deneen will participate in aqua therapy using friends’ and families’ swimming pools. 

[Source: Cumberland Times News]