The Downey, Calif-based Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center announced that it would host a demonstration April 30  of its new exoskeleton robot, the Argo Medical Technologies ReWalk System. Agnes Fejerdy, aged 36 years old, will be fitted with the ReWalk system during the demonstration and walk. According to a Rancho Los Amigos Foundation news release, Fejerdy sustained a T-11 spinal cord injury (SCI) seven years ago, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Mindy Aisen, researcher and Rancho chief medical officer, notes that, “When Agnes gets out of her wheelchair, straps on the ReWalk and begins walking…it will show many of our patients that someday soon, they too will walk again.” Jorge Orozco, Rancho CEO, will also speak alongside Aisen during the demonstration, the release adds.

The ReWalk device is an alternative mobility solution designed to accommodate the needs of patients with severe walking impairments and enable them to stand, walk, ascend and descend stairs. Argo Medical Technologies, Israel, reports that the device is comprised of a light, wearable brace support suit that integrates actuation motors at the joints, a range of motion sensors, a computer system based on control and safety algorithms and rechargeable batteries. 

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Source: Rancho Los Amigos Foundation